Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Capturing Memories

My name is Elodie and I’m a Swiss born UK based photographer. 

I’ve been working as a portrait and event photographer for many years and am now offering wedding photography. 

My photography career started in Zurich, where I spent two years as a first assistant to an advertising photographer. After moving to London in 2014 I was fortunate to assist many high profile photographers expanding my experience to the fields of portraiture and fashion. I spent a few years working as a freelance digital technician and lighting assistant accompanying photographers on jobs all around England, Scotland and abroad, whilst building up my own portfolio.

In 2020 I moved to the north of England. Living in beautiful Yorkshire, I am adapting my business to a new trade, one the north is known for... 

I’m excited to focus my expertise in event, editorial and portrait photography to create beautiful memories of one, very special day. 

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