The Middleton Hotel York // half a day package // total image delivery 340 // March 2024

With the forecast being as gray as days come, initially I was worried about the couples shoot we had planned around the Middletons grounds. I decided to do a location recce a few days in advance to find some bad weather photography location options in case of rain. Having had a good look at all the rooms the celebration would be taking place at I had a good idea of what was needed and came prepared with extra lighting on the day. I had also found a lovely room, with a beautiful arched window, where the soft light of a gray day would work perfectly for pictures. I find that coming prepared, is a great way of making the best out of any photographic challenges that the day might bring. The pictures taken during the couples photoshoot turned out stunning. This is also a good example of using the soft light of a gray day for flattering bridal portraits. So please don't worry if your day isn't the sunny golden picture of a day you have hoped for, with an experienced photographer there are always ways to make it look as special as the occasion demands!