Memories to last a lifetime (and more)

Wedding Album

How better to reminisce, remember and tell your love story then with an album that can be passed on through generations. 

I have partnered up with Folio Albums for their quality and craft, sustainability and customer service. You can find information on the printing process, album options and sustainability below.

But don’t worry if you don’t have the headspace for all the details just now, I can imagine you’ve got enough on your plate with the rest of the wedding planning. I will make the process of ordering an album easy and straightforward for you. You can be as involved as you like. 



Let me know you are interested in a wedding album and what your budget looks like.


I will send you an online brochure with pictures of design options, so you can pick and choose the look of your album.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the design options? No problem, I will happily design an album for you, with a background in graphic design, I am well equipped to make it look beautiful.


After the wedding, once you have received your images, you can hit the ‘like’ button in the online gallery on images you definitely want to be included in the album.

When the design process is completed, I will send you a overview PDF showing the design and layout of your album. I will also inform you of the final cost for the album.


Once approved by you, I will proceed to order.

The team at Folio Albums will do their magic and voila, a beautiful album appears on the doorstep!

Please note, it might take a few months for the album to arrive, depending on the design process.



One of the most striking differences between my fine art album supplier, and your standard online book printer, is in the paper. They only use high quality fine art paper which has been specially created to last hundreds of years. Unfortunately high street prints aren’t made to last and may start to yellow within 10 years or less.

The fine art paper in my books is completely matt meaning reflected lights won’t glare off the page allowing you to enjoy the high quality print without restriction. As soon as you touch the paper you’ll know it’s special.


There are two types of ink used to print photo books; dye ink and pigment ink. Dye inks work by staining the paper which over time will bleach. This results in the image fading or changing colour. If you have old photos you may have noticed this. Unless stated otherwise, high street printers will use the cheaper dye based ink.

Our album supplier uses pigmented inks which are literally, microscopic particles of pigment. The oil paintings you see hung in museums are created using pigment ink. This ink is more expensive but is archival and creates a beautiful result. Our album supplier also uses a 12 ink system which creates an almost perfect representation of your image. High street printers only use 4, so you may see dramatic changes in colour tone.

Inkjet is at the forefront of print innovation and achieves amazing quality. My supplier has become a benchmark for colour accuracy and print quality.


Producing high quality prints isn’t simply a matter of clicking a button. Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on to ensure the quality is maintained from when I capture your image, through to the ink being laid down onto paper. The partnership with my album supplier means the quality is maintained throughout the entire process and is not simply left to chance.

The end result is stunning. All of your beautiful, printed memories are then encased in a handcrafted cover made from the finest materials with special personalisation options to truly make it bespoke to you. I recommend these showstopping albums to all my couples so you can enjoy your images in the best possible way.

Fact Sheet and options

Paper and Printing

Our Fine Art Books are available in Art White with two choices of page thickness :

• Art White
• Art White Plus

Out Matted Albums come with a choice of 3 paper types :

• Art White
• Canson Infinity Rag • Gallery Pearl

Paper Thickness

• Art White - 200gsm, or 400gsm when glued back-to-back in a Fine Art Book.
• Art White Plus - 600gsm when glued back-to-back with an additional substrate in a Fine Art Book.
• Canson Infinity Rag - 210gsm
• Gallery Pearl - 300gsm

Printing Facts

• We use the latest variable dot pigment inkjet printers which are at the forefront of technology. With highly accurate microscopic dot patterns, the resulting prints are of exceptional quality and a world apart from grainy high- street photo book printing.

• Our prints use 12 coloured inks to reproduce colours with incredible accuracy. Typical consumer quality photobooks use only 4 colours.

• As experts in screen-to-print calibration we work hard to ensure your images are reproduced as accurately as possible.

• The paper and pigment ink combination is considered to be archival and ensure your images last a lifetime and beyond.

Covers and Personalisation

Cover Materials - We offer 6 material ranges; Contemporary Leather, Essential Cotton, Pastel & Bold Fabric, Purity, Heritage and Silk.

• Contemporary Leather includes 24 colour options. They are sourced from manufacturers who offer the very finest quality and durability and have strict animal welfare policies.

• The Essential Cottons include a range of 8 high quality 100% cotton covers. They have a natural wide weave and two-tone effect.

• The Pastel & Bold Fabric’s, a mix of light, fresh pastel tones and bold colourful shades all made from an eco friendly rayon based material with a similar finish to fine linen.

• Purity is a vegan leather alternative range including 8 beautiful colours. It’s a PU based material and is wonderfully soft with a leather like feel.

• The Heritage fabrics are 100% cotton fabrics, have a wonderful texture and come in 4 rustic, neutral colours.

• The Silk range includes 8 wonderful colours in rustic, raw looking silk and have a very artistic finish.

• There is also the option to have a photo fabric colour. We can print your design onto a white rayon based fabric to wrap around an album.

Personalisation Options

We have 5 personalisation options black/white cover printing, engraving, blind debossing, gold/silver foiling and 22 carat gold/palladium finishing.

• Cover Printing is when we use a UV ink in either black or white to print directly on the album cover.

• Engraving uses an intricate laser that removes the top layer of material, revealing the natural hue of the material underneath.

• Blind Debossing, also known as blind blocking or stamping, is a traditional method using heated individual brass characters to imprint text into the album cover.

• Foiling is the same method as blind debossing, but with the addition of gold or silver foil.

• The 22 carat gold and palladium finishing adds a special, luxury touch. We use real 22 carat gold and palladium to create beautiful text that sits on the album surface (Palladium is a lustrous silvery-white metal which is very similar to platinum and is actually the element added to gold to make white gold).

Bespoke Motif

You don’t need to stick with standard text on your album cover. If you would like to create something truly unique choose the option of a bespoke motif. This could be a specific font, a couple’s initials, perhaps some wedding stationary or just a preferred design/layout. Bespoke motifs are an option with any of the personalisation methods.


• Each album comes in a kraft cardboard presentation box and a natural cotton bag with the square Fine Art Books, or a wrap for the portrait and landscape Fine art Book as well as all Matted Albums.

• Kraft presentation boxes can be personalised with text, studio logos or bespoke motifs.

• You can also upgrade the presentation packaging to a fabric covered clamshell box.

Eco Credentials

• We’re powered by green electricity from Ecotricity, which is 100% from renewable sources.

• 95% of our office waste is recycled and our general waste contributes to generating green energy.

• Our PAS 2060 servers are certified as carbon neutral.

• Our workshop is heavily insulated, climate controlled and uses low-energy LED lighting throughout.

• We use 100% recycled stationery.

• All our materials come from sustainable sources wherever possible.

• Our leather is produced in the EU to strict REACH standards

• Our vegan leather contains no PVC, BPA or solvents and also conforms to strict EU standards.

• We use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible for our packaging and minimise our plastic use.

• We use DHL and DPD couriers due to their carbon-neutral approach and strong commitment to limiting their impact on the environment.

About Folio Albums

Stewart’s story

After many years as a wedding photographer struggling to find the perfect product for his clients, Stewart embarked on a journey to create the ultimate fine art album. From the conception of the idea in the winter of 2009, quality and customer service was placed at the heart of Folio Albums.
The books were launched in spring 2010 and through word-of-mouth, and a growing reputation for quality, Folio Albums quickly became the number one provider of fine art books in Europe. Their services and books are used by photographers across the globe and have been the preferred choice for special events including intimate small weddings, family heirloom albums, royal weddings and everything in-between.


• Our workshop is based in South Yorkshire in the UK.

• Our workshop is climate-controlled and has specialist lighting to help us maintain our stringent standards of consistency and quality.

• During production, your album is inspected by at least seven pairs of discerning eyes.

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